Solidworks Tutorial – Equation Driven Curve


If you need to model a curve more precisely than a spline will allow, then the Equation Driven Curve is here to help you.

You can use Equation Driven Curves when you need a curve that is mathematically precise – things like parabolic curves (useful in optics) or just creating a sine-wave cam guide for example. They’re easy to use – but be careful when entering the equations as the format is a bit fiddly.

How do I use it?

Simply open a sketch and click “Equation Driven Curve” from the curves section of the sketch toolbar. The toolbox on the left hand side allows you to enter equations that have only one dependent variable – that is, equations in terms of x.

You can toggle between this single dependent variable and Parametric equations if you wish.

I’m sorry the video is so short, but its a pretty self explanatory tool.


Alternatives to using the Equation Driven Curve tool are using simple splines to approximate the curve you want, or to use the “Insert Curve through XYZ points” function.

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